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Pulse –jet Long Bag Filter
Rotary Pulse-jet Bag Filter
Air-box Pulse –jet Bag Filter
Wider Electrode Space EP
Catcher combined with EP and BF
Flue Gas Desulphurizatio
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Add: NO.18,Xinjin Road,Xin District,Wuxi
P.C.: 214112

Company Profile

Jiangsu Yucheng environmental engineering & equipment co., ltd which is located in high-tech zone, Xin district of Wuxi. Specializing in industrial flue gas (dust) control project and its supporting equipment design, fabrication and installation, is a research and development, design and manufacturing, construction in one of the general contractor.

The company occupies a total area of 35000 square meters, which has total 312 formal employees, including 29 engineering technicians, 36 office staff, 118 workshop workers and 129 installation workers...

Pulse –jet Long Bag Filter

Working Principle

The LBP bag filter adopts filtering mode of external type, consisting of upper box, intermediate box, dust hopper, filtering bag components, blowing devices, lifting valves, dust discharging valve, pulse valves as well as test and control system. Under working condition, the flue gas enters each dust hopper from under part of ...

Rotary Pulse-jet Bag Filter

Brief Introduction

The low-pressure rotary pulse injection bag filter technology is one of the advanced & efficient de-dusting technologies in present world, which is used by Germany LYRGI Company. The feature is: simple structure, low pressure for dust cleaning, long service life of filtering bag, easy operation and maintenance...

Air-box Pulse –jet Bag Filter

Brief Introduction

GBP series air-box pulse bag filter is a high efficiency bag filter developed by our company based on the technology of American Fuller Company combining with China's actual conditions. This type of filter gathers the advantages of back-blowing of independent room and pulse injection, to overcome the disadvantages...

Wider Electrode Space EP

Brief Introduction

WESP is our patent product which is developed by introducing advanced foreign technologies combined with many years of our design, manufacturing and application experiences of ESP. Our WESP product has a much better dust collecting effect than the conventional ESP equipments, which has been successfully used in ...

Catcher combined with EP and BF

Brief Introduction

The EFP takes use of the advantages of the electrostatic precipitator and bag filter, and the mechanism is as follows: ① Pre-de-dusting effect at electrical area. Electrical area will collect 80% of the dust, which will reduce the concentration of gas dust into the bag area and reduce the content of coarse particles in the dust, to improve the conditions of the flue gas into the bag area, so that the bag...

Flue Gas Desulphurizatio

Brief Introduction

By researching on abroad and domestic desulphurization processes, the desulphurization methods can be generally divided into 3 categories as: pre-combustion desulphurization, in-combustion desulphurization and after-combustion desulphurization, wherein the after-combustion desulphurization is also known as FGD (Flue gas desulphurization). The FGD technology can be divided into the...


ESP for the head and tail of sintering machine
3200m3 Blast furnace cast house
450m3 Blast furnace cast house
De-dusting system for Blast furnace cast house
De-dusting system for Blast furnace ore bin
The secondary de-dusting system for converter 50t
The secondary de-dusting system for converter 120t
The secondary de-dusting station for converter 50t
Converter secondary de-dusting station
Air curtain covering the side exhaust hood
Movable top hanging side suction hood
The de-dusting station for metal mixer 900t
The guiding type canopy hood for EAF30t
The movable semi-closed hood for LF20t
The de-dusting station for LF
The movable semi-closed hood for IFF
The de-dusting station for IFF
Power plant desulfurization dusing
The shaft furnace electrostatic precipitator
Chemical plant dust removal
Casting industry dedusting