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Catcher combined with EP and BF

The EFP takes use of the advantages of the electrostatic precipitator and bag filter, and the mechanism is as follows: ① Pre-de-dusting effect at electrical area. Electrical area will collect 80% of the dust, which will reduce the concentration of gas dust into the bag area and reduce the content of coarse particles in the dust, to improve the conditions of the flue gas into the bag area, so that the bag resistance rises steadily, the cleaning cycle is extended and avoid the erosion wear of coarse particles. ② The effect of electric charge. Most of the dust entering the bag area is charged, which changes the deposition structure of dust on the bag surface. On the bag surface the dust with same charge is mutually exclusive, and the dust particles regularly arranged with high porosity between the dust layers, easy peeling.

The EFP inherits the advantages of Electrostatic Precipitator, the dust removal efficiency and the effective area of polar plate is of an exponential curve changes, which can collect the dust with high specific resistance and special coal dust that electrostatic precipitator can not capture. At the same time, it make the fine dust, which is not captured at electrical area, ionize charge, including particle size between 0.1 ~ 2μm. On the one hand it reduces greatly the dust concentration into the bag filter area and improve gas-fabric ratio for 2 to 3 times than conventional bag filter, on the other hand the deposition of charged dust on the bag surface shows a low resistance characteristics, which achieves a higher environmental requirements, and improves the performance effectiveness of the whole equipment, too.

The EFP is divided into two areas, and the front is the electrostatic precipitator area and the back is bag filter area. The two areas are of series structure connection. Between the two areas, adopt special dust guiding and distributing devices, which clearly separate the two areas. ESP is set in front, which can trap a large amount of dust, settling the particles that do not go out in the high temperature flue gas as well as buffering & evening gas flow; the bag filter is connected in the back in series to collect a small amount of fine dust, strictly controlling the emissions concentration. At the same time, in case of failure of any part of the two collecting areas, the other area will remain its dust collecting function keeping a certain collecting effect, which realizes a strong complement of each other.