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Wider Electrode Space EP

1、 Brief Introduction

WESP is our patent product which is developed by introducing advanced foreign technologies combined with many years of our design, manufacturing and application experiences of ESP. Our WESP product has a much better dust collecting effect than the conventional ESP equipments, which has been successfully used in metallurgy industry, electricity power industry, cement industry and other related industries.

2、Performance characteristics

1)The optimized configuration of the spacing and electrode plate: it makes the electric field strength and the current distribution more uniform and the speed can be increased by 1.3 times; the specific resistance range is to be expanded to 101-1014Ω-cm, which mitigates or eliminates the phenomenon of anti-corona, especially suitable for sintering machine, mine hopper of blast furnace, coal-fired boiler, dryer, cement rotary kiln, grate cooler, etc..

2)New type RS corona barb wire: the maximum length is up to 15m with the feature of low initial voltage, big current density, high rigid strength, never damaged, and resistance to high temperature and thermal change; combined with the top Rapping to realize excellent dust cleaning results. According to the dust concentration,choose to arrange different density of the corona wire, which can be adapted to the high dust concentration environment for dust collection.

3)Powerful rapping of Corona top: according to the theoretical design interval to rapping mechanically or in electromagnetic way.

4)Free suspension of Anode and cathode plate: the WESP system and corona electrode are of three-dimensional suspension structure. When the exhaust gas temperature is too high, the collecting electrode and corona electrode will freely expand on each direction, in addition, the collecting electrode system is also specially designed constraint strip for thermal change, which makes the WESP has higher anti-thermal change reliability. The commercial operation shows that the WESP can sustain temperature maximum up to 390 ℃.

5)Improve the rapping acceleration to improve the dust cleaning effect: the dust cleaning of collecting electrode greatly impacts on the dust collecting efficiency. Most of the ESP equipments have shown a reduced efficiency in the run over a period of time, and the main reason is due to poor results of dust cleaning for electrode plate. The WESP electrostatic precipitator takes use of the latest results of the impact theory and practice, to change the traditional flat steel impact rod structure for the overall steel structure, meanwhile, improve the rapping hammer structure to make the minimum acceleration be 356G from original 220G.

6)Small footprint and light weight: the discharge electrode system uses top rapping design and each electric field adopts asymmetric suspension design, to make the overall length reduce for 2 to 4m with the same dust collecting area, weight reduce for 10%.

7)High reliability of insulation system: in order to prevent the high voltage insulation materials conduct due to condensation, the shells adopts double layers inflatable roof design, and electric heater uses the latest PTC and PTS material. The insulating bush adopts hyperbolic back blowing design at the bottom. All above designs make the maintenance and replacement very convenient.

8)The electric fields of different electrode spacing design: different electrode spacing can be designed in the electric field sequence, which is favorable for trapping fine dust, and thus improve the efficiency of dust collection. To handle a variety of exhaust gas, experiments and practices have proved that the best electrode spacing is of 400 ~ 500mm.

9) Wind leak-proof design: the structure was confirmed by computer optimized design; strict control of the leakage rate, and after the installation, the leakage rate should be ≤ 3%; adopt double inspection doors to ensure tightness.

10)Small-area power supply design: In order to enhance the real-time operational performance of ESP, set the small-area power supply according to the different characteristics of the dust, direction and different voltage levels, to maximize the performance of high voltage power supply.