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GBP series air-box pulse bag filter is a high efficiency bag filter developed by our company based on the technology of American Fuller Company combining with China's actual conditions. This type of filter gathers the advantages of back-blowing of independent room and pulse injection, to overcome the disadvantages of inadequate intensity for back-blowing and simultaneous process of filtering and pulse injection. The high intensity dust cleaning combined with offline cleaning of independent room make a higher cleaning strength, faster speed and a short cycle, which increases the adaptability of use, improves the filtering efficiency and extends the service life of the filtering bag. This type of filter not only can handle the general concentration of gas, can also handle high concentrations of gas (up to 1000 g/m3). After de-dusting, the dust content of gas can fully meet the environmental emission standards.

GBP Series introduces many latest technologies and components of bag filter in the world on the basis of the original air-box pulse technology, so that the technical and economic indicators are greatly improved than the past. Large quantity of applications has proved that the technology of GBP series bag filter is well established with high reliability, very excellent performance and low cost. So far, GBP series bag filters have been applied to all kinds of industries, including cement industry, power industry, chemical industry, metallurgy industry, iron and steel industry and etc.