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Rotary Pulse-jet Bag Filter

1、Brief Introduction

The low-pressure rotary pulse injection bag filter technology is one of the advanced & efficient de-dusting technologies in present world, which is used by Germany LYRGI Company. The feature is: simple structure, low pressure for dust cleaning, long service life of filtering bag, easy operation and maintenance and high efficiency. This type of bag filter is widely used in fuel boilers in power stations as well as used for gas purification for semi-desulphurization system of coal-fired boilers. These years the bag filter has also been used in other industries, such as iron and steel making industries.

2、Structure and Working Principle

This type of bag filter mainly consists of dust hopper, dust remove chamber, clean gas chamber (high box), supporting plate, filtering bag, bag cage, rotary injection device, baffles, cleaning pipes and etc..

he rotary pulse injection bag filter has two kinds of gas inlet/outlet modes for option: one is level intake from bell mouth which is similar to the electrostatic precipitator, and the clean gas is discharged from the smoke box at end of the clean gas chamber; the other one is similar to the injection bag filter, the gas is led to the bag chamber through inlet gradient channel and inlet valve, while the clean gas is discharged through the outlet gradient channel via exhaust valve.

The lower inlet flow rate makes the coarse particles contained in gas settled down under the action of gravity for pre-separation. The gas passes through he filtering bag with the help of blower and the purified gas will be discharged from the clean gas chamber, during which period, the dust is blocked outside of the filtering bag. The pressure difference between inside and outside of the bag increases as the dust accumulates more and more on the outer surface of bag. When the differential pressure is up to the setting value, the pulse valve is opened and compressed air start to clean the filtering bag; and when the differential pressure is under the setting value, the cleaning system will automatically stop working. The cleaning process will cycle as above process all the time, so that the pressure difference between internal and external of filtering bag is always kept within an ideal range, which will ensure the bag filter operating continuously under safe conditions.

3、Main technical features

1)Large capacity and occupy a smaller area; Max. length of bag can reach 8m.

2)The overall resistance is low

The internal gas flow distribution is reasonable, which realizes the gas around the bag to spread out in a low speed that avoid the local jet wearing the bag, so that ensure a minimum resistance loss of the whole equipment.

3)The service life of the filtering bag is relatively longer

Due to the lower pulse cleaning pressure and reasonable gas distribution, the service life of bag is greatly extended than the conventional long bag low-pressure pulse injection filter.

4)The quantity of pulse valves is greatly reduced

Adopt large pulse valves, and each them can handle thousands of filtering bags, so the number of the pulse valves can be greatly reduced.

5)The service life of pulse valve is greatly extended

Due to the large volume, these pulse valves have a higher strength with significantly thicker diaphragm, therefore they are difficult to be worn or damaged. Accordingly the service life will be greatly extended and the maintenance work is reduced.

6)Inspection and replacement of the filtering bag is more convenient

The rotating arm can be manually rotate freely, so the filtering bag or bag case can be conveniently removed and installed.

7)Dust cleaning system operation stable and reliable

  The PLC system controls the dust cleaning process to make the operation stable and reliable, i.e. PLC receives differential pressure signal, and basing on the signal values, it is decided to start/stop the solenoid valve and pulse valve, and accordingly compressed air will start/stop injecting through nozzles on rotary arm, which is driven by independent drive.

8)The pressure requirement of compressed air is low (0.06~0.12Mpa), so the common blower can meet its requirement. Air compressor is not required and it is no need to handle the compressed air before use.

9)Adopt modular design to realize standardized design, so it takes a short period for engineering design, fabrication and installation.