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Pulse –jet Long Bag Filter

1、Working Principle

The LBP bag filter adopts filtering mode of external type, consisting of upper box, intermediate box, dust hopper, filtering bag components, blowing devices, lifting valves, dust discharging valve, pulse valves as well as test and control system. Under working condition, the flue gas enters each dust hopper from under part of intermediate box via the inlet pipe. The large particles will directly drop into the dust hopper due to inertial impaction and gravity effects, while the residual dust will follow the gas stream entering the filtering area in the intermediate box, where the dust will adhere to the outer surface of filtering bag. After filtering, the clean gas will be discharged via upper box, lifting valve and discharging pipe.

With operating continuously, the dust amount adhered to the outer surface of the filtering bag will be increased gradually, which will make the resistance of the dust filter gradually increased, too. When the dust on the bag surface is accumulated to a certain amount, the control devices (differential pressure control, time control or manual control) will give out signals. Firstly, close the lifting valve of one bag chamber to cut off the gas stream, and then open the electromagnetic pulse valve, the compressed air will make the filtering bag rapid expansion and shocking, so that the dust accumulated on the outer surface of bag will drop. Take full account of the dust settling time (to ensure that the dust stripped from the filtering bag will drop into the dust hopper effectively and avoid it adhere to the adjacent filtering bag following the airflow, so that make the filtering bag a thorough cleaning), then open the lifting valve to get this bag chamber to recover filter function. Meantime the next chamber will start to clean the dust. The dust cleaning cycle will not be completed until the last bag cabin finishes the dust cleaning process. The LBP bag filter is composed of many independent bag chambers, and the dust cleaning process is carried out in sequence without disturbing each other, which will realize a continuous operation of the equipment.

Basic Structure


Structural frame and case

Filtering bag, bag cage and perforated

Gas inlet system ---- including the gradient channel for air inlet, deflector and valve (optional).

Exhaust system ---- including lifting valve of the pneumatic sheet type (optional), and exhaust pipe etc..

Dust discharging system ----including wall vibrator installed on the dust hopper and rotary discharging valve etc..

Platforms, railings, ladders and maintenance platform used for manual (pneumatic) valve inspection and repair.

Lighting system.

Heat Insulation and enclosure (optional according to different working conditions).

2)Dust conveying System,

including dust conveyor, overhead silo and operating platform etc..

3)Compressed air (or nitrogen) systems, including compressed air pipe, storage tank, pressure relief valve, pressure gauge, air source treatment components etc..

4)Control systems, including instrumentation, Main control cabinet with PLC MCC cabinet, on-site operation cabinet, control system for dust conveying devices, power source fo repair and power source for lighting etc.

3、Main feature of LBP

1)Large capacity: the maximum designed capacity of our company for a single set of filter can reach 2,200,000m3/h.

2)The filtering bags can be designed up to 8 meters, which covers a smaller area.

3)The dust cleaning mode can be designed to on-line or off-line type according to user’s requirement.

3)Low operation resistance: so far, our company has produced more than a hundred of this type of filters under running, and the operation resistance for on-line cleaning structure is 600-800Pa and 800-1000 Pa for off-line cleaning structure.

4)Modular design, which ensures the installation accuracy and reduce the on-site installation work;

5)Non-standard design is available according to different condition and on-site arrangement; the diameter of bag generally is Ф130 or Ф160 with length of 6 to 8m.

6) Be suitable for many fields: choose different filtering material according to different operating conditions. This product has be applied for dust collection for sintering machine, blast furnace, steelmaking converter, Metal mixer, electric arc furnace, submerged arc furnace, boiler, calcium carbide furnace as well as widely used in carbon black, building materials, refractory, chemical, electrolytic aluminum and zinc smelting industries.