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ESP for the head and tail of sintering machine
De-dusting system for Blast furnace cast house and ore bin
Converter secondary de-dusting system
Metal Mixer De-dusting System
EAF De-dusting System
LF De-dusting system
De-dusting system for AOD
De-dusting system for submerged arc furnace
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De-dusting system for submerged arc furnace

De-dusting system for submerged arc furnace


The smelting process of submerged arc furnace: continuous reduction reaction smelting, regularly feeding and intermittent product output.

The submerged arc furnace can be divided into closed type and semi-closed type according to different material handling method. And according to different material and furnace shape, it can be divided into closed type of coal (furnace) gas purification and semi-closed type of high temperature flue gas purification system.

2、De-dusting system for semi-closed type of electric furnace

Negative pressure bag filter system

Positive pressure bag filter system

Under the effect of draft fan, the flue gas (~ 450 °C) enters the natural air cooling device through pipes, where the gas temperature will be dropped to 200℃ ~ 250 ℃, and then into the cyclone de-duster for primary cleaning. After that, the flue gas will enter the bag filter induced by the fan and the clean gas will be discharged into the atmosphere through the upper part of it. The dust on the surface of filtering bag will be peeled by back-blowing of fan, which will drop into dust hopper. The whole process is controlled by PLC.