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De-dusting system for Blast furnace cast house and ore bin
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De-dusting system for AOD
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De-dusting system for AOD

De-dusting system for AOD

1、Flue gas collecting

AOD converter compared with ordinary converters has the following characteristics: long smelting period, low intensity of oxygen blowing, low decarburization rate, low CO content, so the flue gas recycling of AOD converter is not economical

Generally, small AOD furnace adopts rotary hood and movable top-accept hood. However, Rotary hood can not collect the smoke in the process of feeding or tapping, so normally adopt movable top-accept hood. When smelting of AOD furnace, the movable top-accept hood is in the normal position; and when AOD furnace rotating for charging or tapping, the movable top-accept hood will move to the appropriate position to collect smoke.

The dust collecting method of large AOD converter is same with that of ordinary converter, using water-cooled apron hood to collect the first- time high temperature flue gas and the door-shaped exhaust hood for the secondary flue gas. The first-time high temperature flue gas is cooled to about 200 °C by cooler or waste heat boiler, and then mixed with the flue gas from front hood. After this process, the temperature will be dropped to about 120 °C, and then the flue gas will enter the bag filter for further purification and released through chimney in next step.

2、De-dusting system process flow of AOD