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ESP for the head and tail of sintering machine
De-dusting system for Blast furnace cast house and ore bin
Converter secondary de-dusting system
Metal Mixer De-dusting System
EAF De-dusting System
LF De-dusting system
De-dusting system for AOD
De-dusting system for submerged arc furnace
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Metal Mixer De-dusting System

Metal Mixer De-dusting System

1、Pollution sources and characteristics

At a certain temperature, when mixing hot metal, parts of the carbon in the molten iron will be released as graphite dust, and when pouring, the impaction will produce large amount of smoke, all of which will spread to the workshop and cause serious pollution to posts and production areas.

2、The Metal Mixer dust collecting

Dust collecting methods for mixing hot metal: 1) “Air curtain covering the side exhaust hood”. “Side blowing hood" and “side suction hood” form a closed space, and the high-speed jet air forms a uniform shield air curtain effectively cutting off the path for the dusty air leakage. 2) Movable top hanging side suction hood. The collecting hoods for pouring adopt different forms according to different process. When use the ladle car, adopt the top suction hood with large volume. When use crane to lift the ladle, adopt blowing & suction hood, of which the principle is same as that mixing hot metal.