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De-dusting system for Blast furnace cast house and ore bin
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De-dusting system for Blast furnace cast house and ore bin

De-dusting system for Blast furnace cast house and ore bin

1、Dust collecting of tap hole

Presently, the dust collecting methods of tap hole include suction-hood on the side, suction-hood on the upper side, the accept cover at the upper part of the tap hole and roof cover and etc. with advantages and disadvantages accordingly. The suction-hood on the side with a smaller capacity does not affect the process operation, which has a better dust collecting effect in the normal tapping condition, but when spraying slag, the molten iron will be sprayed along horizontal direction, its dust collecting effect is far from good; the roof cover has a large capacity, but it is easily interfered by horizontal airflow, and if set a wind wall, it will affect the crane normal maintenance operations; the accept cover at the upper part of the tap hole has a better effect for its capacity is between the suction-hood on the side and the roof cover. The accept cover at the upper part of the tap hole is applied more and more for cast house de-dusting of small and medium-sized blast furnace.

Dust collecting for Large-scale blast furnace generally adopts side suction+ top suction method for powerful discharge of dust, and at the same time increase the suction capacity at the front of blast furnace, to collect the dust generated from tap hole in maximum at tuyere platform area. Specific measures are as follows: :

(1)Tapping hole sealing measures

Lengthen and widen tuyere platform;

Add fixed baffle at the end of the tuyere platform over the main iron trough;

Set movable inclined baffle in front of the platform to block the flue gas spraying outside;

Hang baffle under the side beam of the tuyere platform.

The above four measures and the sealing effect of iron-making machinery almost make a closed space above the main iron trough, which can store & block the flue gas and the splashing iron scales as well as reduce the horizontal air flow interference with gas flow path.

(2)Arrange exhaust hood reasonably

Set top suction hood along the outer edge of tuyere platform, and at the same time set side suction hood on the opposite side of opening machine and mud gun. On the one hand, block the smoke generated from the tap hole, on the other hand collect dust by assisting the top suction hood.

2、Dust collecting of Ladle

The collecting hood of ladle is generally designed into chambers with large volume to increase cover volume and reduce interference with horizontal airflow. Chambers are to be separated ladle by ladle, and along the two sides of molten iron nozzle, set maintenance platform and access door with window. On normal condition, close the access door and observe metal level through the window. When maintain the molten iron nozzle, open the access door to enter the maintenance platform.